Options for Participation

“It’s not the road that we choose. What is inside us makes us choose the road, “said one of the heroes of the good old film, shot by the immortal Leonid Gayday, who, like our club, is called” Business people. ” Therefore, we suggest our Club members to choose their own Participation Program:

BASIC – for each and every participant, general meetings are available, which are held regularly almost every month, and even more often.

YOUTH – is aimed at ambitious, purposeful and ready to realize business young people – to whom already 18, but not yet 25. Mostly, these are students.

ADVANCED – these business people gather not only for general meetings, but also for special thematic meetings.

IMAGE : it’s important for a business person to always stay on top, not forgetting that every step can be decisive. Follow the true values ​​everywhere and in everything – the distinctive features of such special people. Therefore, in addition to general and special meetings, such very important persons have exclusive private meetings.

HONORABLE – this, you can say, the “bison” of their business and they are invited to the Club in accordance with the decision of the Club Council. Under this program, as well as under the program “Image”, all kinds of meetings are available.

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