Do not call compliance facts

Keeping your company compliant is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of compliance laws and regulations that need to be followed. The laws include both state and federal laws. Even the smallest mistakes made by carelessness can cost thousands of dollars and there if it is on a larger scale it might also go to millions. Even the biggest compliance solution companies know that cold calling is not an easy thing and by staying in compliance should not make it much harder. In this article, we will see some facts about do not call compliance.

300,000,000 and counting

There are more than 300,000,000 people in the National Do Not Call Registry. Even though it is a bit astonishing, it is the truth. If this is the number of people that are there in the National Do Not Call registry, just imagine the number of people that will be present worldwide.

The cost involved

The violation of the do not call compliance will end up costing the company nearly 40,000 dollars in penalties. For every single offence that you or your company make you have will have to pay 40,000 dollars. There are a few violations that could cost millions. So it is important to be extra careful when it comes to do not call compliance.

things to know about compliance

State-specific holidays

No calls should be made during the state-specific holidays. Further calling will result in the violation of the law. If you take Utah, for example, no one is allowed to make calls on 24th July because it is Pioneer Day. For every other state, there are specific days when calls should not be made.

Specific state laws

The do not Call Compliance will differ from state to state. For example in Kentucky calls are strictly prohibited before 10 AM. In most of the states, calls should not be made during the nights.

The liability

In most of the companies, the call centre process and the telemarketing process are outsourced to other companies. Even is that company violates any do not call compliance laws and regulations; it is the main company that will be liable for their actions, and there is no other go but to pay the penalty.

Documents required

If there is an investigation going on, there are some documents that you should provide. They include script documents, details of the callers, phone records, and every telemarketing log.

Scrub list

For do not call list there is a 31 day grace period and it less for wireless numbers. The top companies are recommending 7 days if you are scrubbing list.

50 states and different rules

In all the 50 states there are different rules for do not call compliance. There are specific 37 states that require telemarketer registrations.

At the end of the day

Even though the company has to pay the penalty for the violation, it is always the telemarketers who will take the responsibility to prove that the company is responsible for their mistakes.…