Day of the Russian Businessman at All-Russia Exhibition Center

May 14 on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center in the format of an entertainment cultural event for the second time was the holiday “Day of the Russian entrepreneur at VVC-2013”. The event was organized by the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, the NGO Club of Business People and the All-Russia Exhibition Center, with the participation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Opora Rossii, Delovaya Rossiya, The Chamber of Industry, the Association of Russian Banks and the Union of Journalists of Russia.

Special support in the preparation and holding of the celebratory program “Day of the Russian Entrepreneur at the All-Russia Exhibition Center” was provided by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.
The radio station Ekho Moskvy has traditionally acted as the general information partner.

A lot of assistance in the preparation of the holiday was provided by: The Official Partner-The Aseptika International Corporation, as well as partners: the Moscow Petrochemical Bank, the International Commercial Bank, the Truss Group, the Company Truss Company, the Advertising Production Company Sinerji and the ELA Group of Companies “.

The holiday was timed to coincide with the opening of the 12th Forum-Exhibition “Days of Small and Medium Business in Russia” and the XIII All-Russian Conference of Representatives of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises “Tools for Support and Protection of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Global Markets”.

This year the festive program covered several different venues of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, where a variety of duels for team and individual competitions were organized between the participants of the event. The total number of participants was more than 2500 thousand people from 40 regions of Russia.

At the official opening of the festive event with a welcoming speech to all participants and guests of the Day of the Russian Entrepreneur at the All-Russian Exhibition Center: Deputy Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow Dmitry Knyazev, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Konstantin Titov, President of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs Andrey Podenok, President of the Club “Business people Di “Alexander Marchenko and other honored guests.

The competition began in the morning with a sports and amateur fishing tournament at the dam of the Kamenka River, which flows through the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Center. In order for the participants not to remain without a catch, the organizers of the tournament released more than a ton of different kinds of fish into the reservoir on the eve of the competition. Tackles for participants were provided by partners. Within four hours, participants and fans could feel the adrenaline rush while catching the next fish. The most successful in the competition were representatives of the Association of the Guild of the Jewelers of Russia Sergei Lunin, Svetlana Derbentsova, and Alexander Akivis. They showed themselves in all contest nominations, catching the first fish, and then the biggest fish and became the absolute winners of the tournament.

The Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation rendered a great help in organizing and conducting a sports amateur fishing tournament.

In the afternoon on the open area in front of the pavilion №57 three competitions were held simultaneously: tournaments on segway, instrumental search and competition “Spring barbecue”.

In the Segway tournament, anyone could take part, since Segway is a unique vehicle with an automatic balancing system, which makes it incredibly easy to manage. The competition took place in an atmosphere of stubborn struggle, as a result of which the teams became winners: Club “Moscow Entrepreneur” 1st place, “Incubator” 2nd place and CJSC “Mikoyanovsky Meat Processing Plant” 3rd place.
The Partner of the Tournament on Segway was the Association “Guild of the Jewelers of Russia”.

The tournament on instrument search brought together entrepreneurs with special training in this still young, but already popular, kind of hobby. In this competition, it was important to create a unique atmosphere of competition, communication and exchange of experience at the same time.

The best able to show their individual skills in the detection and identification of objects hidden in the ground, was able to: Sergei Savin from the company Edelweiss. Assistance in the organization of the tournament for instrumental search was provided by the Society of Fans of Sports Device Search “Dawn”, and the partner of the tournament was the network of hobby stores “12 Thalers”.

The contest “Spring barbecue” for the second year in a row becomes the central event in the festive program “The Day of the Russian Entrepreneur at the All-Russia Exhibition Center”. The teams competed in the culinary competition: the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Russia, the Apeptics Corporation, the All-Russia Exhibition Center, the Mikoyanovsky Meat Packing Plant and the Moscow Karat Plant of Processed Cheeses, participants of last year’s tournament, as well as newcomers: the Guild of Russian Jewelers, The National Guild of Producers and Importers, the Guild of Special Furniture Manufacturers under the MCCI and many others.

In accordance with the tournament task, the teams had to prepare two competitive dishes: the first – from the provided pork steaks from ZAO Mikoyanovsky meat-packing plant, and the second – from the products brought with them. To organize the culinary tournament, participants were provided with convenient gas barbecues of the Australian firm “BeefEater” from the company “Barbecue House”. The jury evaluated the taste, design, name and originality of the dishes, as well as the creative presentation of the teams themselves. As a result of a stubborn struggle by the decision of an independent jury, the following teams were recognized as winners: Association “Guild of the Jewelers of Russia” 1st place, “Opora of Russia” 2nd place and ZAO “Mikoyanovskiy Meat Processing Plant” 3rd place. And in the special nomination “Team style” the seats were distributed as follows: 1st place Guild of special furniture manufacturers at the MCCI,

The Russian barbecue society has undertaken a lot of work on the tournament. The partners of the tournament were OOO Vertel, Belaya Dacha Group of Companies and Shishkin Les Holding.

The evening program of the holiday “The Day of the Russian Entrepreneur at the All-Russian Exhibition Center” was held in the walls of the legendary House of Culture of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. This building has been very popular with film producers and filmmakers for many years now, who use it for natural scenery during the filming of Soviet-era films of the 1930s and 1940s.

Within the framework of the evening, the final competition for entrepreneurs took place-Intellect Code “Intellectual tournament.” Within three hours, teams were offered dozens of tasks on the horizon and savvy. The tournament brought together about 20 teams of participants and passed in the fight, which is not inferior to the heat and excitement of sports competitions. The best team with the proposed tasks was the “Victoria” team of entrepreneurs, the “Magnificent Five” team became the second team, which also united the group of entrepreneurs, and the third place was taken by the team of the International Corporation “Aseptika”.

According to the results of the game, the team of the Oksana Fyodorova Charity Fund from the tournament partner of the Institute of Art Business and Antiques was awarded a Certificate of Education.

Preparation and holding of the Intellectual tournament took over the “Intellect Club”. The partners of the tournament were: SkyOne, Media Group, Momo Restaurant, LeClick Company, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, Asia Beauty Company, ICONSUIT Company and the Institute of Art Business and Antiques.

In the evening program, a business picnic was held, during which the guests and participants of the project could not only taste refined meals, but also communicate in an informal atmosphere and establish new business and friendly ties.

The evening was accompanied by a rich concert program and lottery. Prizes for the drawing were presented by the “Trassa” Group of Companies, the Moscow plant of processed cheese “Karat”, the company “Legends of Crimea” and the Alcoholic Siberian Group.

Great contribution to the celebration was also made by the company “Interunity”, the company “Baskin Robins”, LLC “Frut Life”, Jewelery House “Estet” and the company “MADEO”.

The preparation and holding of the Entrepreneur’s Holiday was widely covered on television and radio, as well as in federal and regional specialized print media and popular electronic media.

The festive event “The Day of the Russian Entrepreneur at the VVC-2013” was held in a very friendly atmosphere and, undoubtedly, was the next stage in the traditional celebration of the Days of Entrepreneurship of our country.

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Opening of the season of the game “Intellect Code”

At the end of February, the first game of the new 2013 season of “Intellect Code” was held in the cozy hall of the legendary restaurant “Yar”. The organizer of the game was the company EXCLUSIVE GROUP with the participation of the Club “Business People”


“Intellect Code” is a club project designed to revive the lost traditions and culture of intellectual games and unite the most worthy representatives of the secular elite of the society. It is the intellectual environment of these events that is intended to unite people of different professions sharing common cultural and social values.


Participants in the game Intellect Code were the first persons, owners and top managers of Russian and foreign companies from various fields of activity, outstanding people in the world of politics, cinema, sports and show business. The game was attended by 15 teams in the presence of more than 300 guests and members of the Club.

Among the guests and participants of the game were: honored artists of Russia Mikhail Vashukov and Simon Osiashvilli, poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, composer and singer Alexander Yagya, soloist of the Ivanushki International group Kirill Andreev, participant of the “6 frames” program Sergey Dorogov, singer and actress Julia Beretta, Singer LAMA, famous producer Nick Kemmeren, famous artists Daniil Fedorov and Alexei Karelin, writer Natalia Tolstaya, owner of the Fur House Natalia Lakuzo.

“At the game I was surrounded by really intelligent people,” says contest participant Sergey Dorogov. “It was nice to be in such a society, and it was especially surprising that there were a lot of strangers from different fields of activity, but at the same time it was very comfortable, cozy, warm And a friendly atmosphere, as if he were in the circle of friends. ”

The host of the evening was the famous show-man Maxim Aksenov, professionally setting up players to “brainstorm” the questions and helping them to relax and relieve tension between the periods. The game was held in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. The guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with the products of numerous partners of the event and to enjoy the performance of laureates of different years of the International Open Festival of Humor and Variety “Moscow – Transit – Moscow”.

After three rounds and 20 questions of varying degrees of complexity, a team named “Drive” at table 11 won: Rimma Malinskaya, senior associate of Goltsblat BLP, Oleg Arkhipov, partner of Goltsblat BLP, Svyatoslav Sedov, IPO board founder, Lovlis Taneja, CEO of Big Brige. The second place was taken by the team “Bulldog” led by Captain Sergey Lisovsky, the third place was taken by the team “RIB-Russian intellectual diamond” led by Captain Felix Leshchinko. All the teams received memorable gifts from partners and organizers.

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