About The Club

Club “Business people”

In any developed society, people of business are its most powerful base. Such people are called middle and upper classes, which are important personal and economic freedoms. They are active and eager to show their personal initiative, constantly improve their knowledge and set new goals in life. It is for such business people that the doors of our Club are always open.

We are united in order to hold democratic meetings in an informal atmosphere. The main goal of such meetings is to communicate, exchange business information, work experience and establish contacts for cooperation, develop their business, achieve concrete results.

Interesting people of different ages come to us, regardless of religion, political views and other differences, which makes communication of participants much more interesting.

We do not have difficulties in communication because Club members “Business people” meet regularly in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a party, and going out for the city to interesting places, and solemn lunches or dinners, which are held thanks to our Partners .

Rules of etiquette for members of the Club “Business people” reads – the main thing is that it is convenient for you personally and those around you, and in clothes there is no purpose of life! Therefore, the main dress code at our meetings is CASUAL. Everyone dresses the way he feels comfortable. Of course, there are activities that require … But they are not so frequent.

Club meetings are not only useful, but also interesting. We do not force people to pull the rope or put an amateur performance. We organize leisure with an original script, where all its participants enjoy. And we try to make sure that the memory of each meeting was unforgettable.


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